Warm greetings to all from the cold winter! It was a cold January morning ... I always had a desire to take photos in the snow. It was the day when I determined to take it! Love the result... Please be kind and support the frozen damsel with your votes and hot comments! Thanks and many smooches, Alexa

Young blonde beach girl


Lazy nasty bath . . .

Hallo VW Team. Wieder ein paar nette Pics von Rita im neuen Garten.

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I had so many random pics that I desired to share. Hope you like them.

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Young blonde beach girl
Here is some more pics

Nice little sampling of my little sweetheart Nicole in the buff in public.

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Young blonde beach girl


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    Damn, WetSteph, you are now officially my favorite new contributor of 2012. Please please keep posting.

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    Great body. She shouldn't mind being seen, except maybe by women who would be jealous because they didn't look that good. Why did you blur her face? Beauty begins at a womans face. Think about it. You didn't fall for her walking naked in the woods with a bag over her head.

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    It was good until a fellow most likely old enough to be her dad entered the scene. That just ruined it, peculiarly his mug shot. She's hot though!

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