My spouse coaxed me recently to pose for him, I am a little nosey as to what other guys think even tho' I am jumpy. I am a 43yr old housewife and mom of Three kids. I am a little bicurious and often fantasize about having another man or woman join my spouse and I. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of my photos. Love,

Pussies in the beach

Very first Time

Here are some picks from old friends.

A wild horny night hot wify wana display some notty skin.. let see ur like..

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Coeds beach naked
view from behind - munch me baby!

As you can see I got fairly hot looking at the photos.

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Close Up

Pussies in the beach
Contri Three - where we left off

It was of course a good time for good time.... Love !

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Pussies in the beach


    Wrote alter_ego

    wish i could lean in and suck on those nipples. Please post more pics.

    Wrote westforte

    Come on, tell us how old you are!

    Wrote Harpagon

    lovely...we'd love to see more of her. if she'll let you, we can always do a little trading.

    Wrote bladeboy2

    Please don't take this wrong, this is NOT a complaint : I LOVE those Tigger titties !! They just might be The Most Perfect Hooters on Earth, and just 'cause I'm a lifelong 'Ass Man', it's still immensely pleasurable to feast my eyes on those luscious melons ... But in the last contri, you gave us a single glimpse of the Tigger tush, all wet & curvy & hott, and I was hopin' to see some more sweeet rear views of this sexy hottie this time. Just some food for thought ...

    Wrote Amarnas_C

    because here in the U.S. the powers that be have a stick up their ass about what's considered decent and what's not. Therefore a tit on this side of the pond is more of an unusual and erotic sight.Maybe someday this country will catch up wi

    Wrote kaganh

    Sweet! Thks for

    Wrote biggiec190

    Super bangin don't ever turn around

    Wrote KCUM

    nice pussy.

    Wrote kd20

    So staged! So there should be better pics, Bozo.

    Wrote grunthos

    Sugar, love how you suck your lover well into the night (and presumably he cums) and then you get up in the morning and you're down on your knees, sucking him again. What a wonderful beauty you are!

    Wrote t-habe

    beautiful cock and ass wish you were in our bed for a mfm sometime

    Wrote FeetAndPi

    You te cojo y te recojo linda

    Wrote bchestnut

    Beautiful. One of my favorite activities, but my wife almost never will do it, says it's messy.

    Wrote fistfukka

    Get a tripod, dude! Looks like you've been snorting too much crack to hold a camera steady.

    Wrote chrispy_r

    looks like your wife dickhead

    Wrote RockLeeZy

    never shave it \ur hot hot hot

    Wrote WOMB-WREC

    I don't care where she lives, i'd fuck her anywhere. She is fucking hot..............

    Wrote scott46

    May I recommend "Photography for Dummies"!?

    Wrote ckyfan

    Lovely little ass, would love to see some anal play

    Wrote sidelock

    nice piece of as

    Wrote ArthurThe

    BORING, BORING, and let's not forget BORING!

    Wrote humboldts

    Need to see more of that...good times!

    Wrote sd42

    Bambie? more like bessie. how is "fake" spunk, since i dint see a dick, qualiffy as RC????? no pusssy shots or nothing.

    Wrote ajones35

    Dont looked relaxed to me , but I could help out

    Wrote Fir_Member

    Fantastic assets, fine looking manstick, pouch, and bootie. Love the skin tone in the harsh sun. Would love to see you on any roof in my neighborhood. Now, stiffen up that fuck-rod and demonstrate us a delivered load! Thanks. mo42ose

    Wrote showsomel

    You did a fine job honing in on it.

    Wrote fynjy84

    OOooHhh YEAH!! It don't get no finer than THIS!! Loved the "I'm kinda' shy" pic. Good smile, and ya' gotta' admire a woman who has the brass to get nekkid in the superb outdoors. Had I been doing the pics, would of gotten to

    Wrote matrixman

    Eyeing a woman in garter and stockings is such a turn on for me. Specially you, mtmgirl. My cok is hard just watching your pics and imagining sucking those excellent tits till your nips are truly hard.

    Wrote monkeyonf

    Let me introduce you to some clippers, pruning mayo and a razor. Get that nasty hair off!!

    Wrote BigDanny

    You have a magnificient set of hooters...great place to cum!!

    Wrote Fredo_Ant

    Again, attempt a Venitian or ven Halloween mask if you must shield your iodentity.

    Wrote AsianStre

    super gracias

    Wrote fbunico

    I love this kind of maidyou come to my house?

    Wrote Sonomiya

    Oh how I'd love you being over me like that... awesome tits, would love a chance to put my head inbetween them!!! Maybe we could rodeo... cowgirl style!

    Wrote criztian

    Love to eat that sweet twat !!!!!!Me me cummmmm!!!!!!!

    Wrote Lucian25

    Superb, Golden hair & husband!

    Wrote curvesEnt

    mmm i wish i was there i wanna play with you gorgeous

    Wrote HeavensGa

    Thanks, Trinity! I indeed appreciate these nice words from you :) Cheers, Bri

    Wrote posse69

    NO FACE, NO Bareness, Trio PHOTO's?????

    Wrote carlo50

    mmmmmmmm Masha.. Fantastic damsel. Do you want to see my Cock?

    Wrote DepCannon

    O joy, more pics of several of my faves, peculiarly #58. It is rather sad that there are far fewer truly hot strippers at NAP than in years past. The industry must be hurting for talent. The lousy economy has closed several clubs in this area. Not enough clients with money to spend anymore.

    Wrote blinki

    Seven pics that don't showcase anything to get excited about. Her face is blacked out, and pics 5,6,and 7 are all the same. What kind of stupid contri is this!?!

    Wrote blank66

    Awesome tits. Your puffies are mint!

    Wrote virgin805

    Very hot,definitely want to see more

    Wrote timbooth

    Crappy Cockfest !

    Wrote elvis0001


    Wrote maxi62

    geiles wichsvideo

    Wrote redrover7

    I'll take your place at home while you are out with the boys.

    Wrote Flexible-

    You are a real pleasure!

    Wrote xxxboy_24

    fine looking vagina with the fur! love to bury my face in that! more plz!

    Wrote mocoah

    Damn! are sexy as hell! I love you in that black dress!