howdy Kate and group - These are a few pics of my wifey doing what she loves to do. We appreciate all comments and will very likely send more if the remarks are good. We hope everyone likes them and we also hope they get posted this time. Last time we had no luck. Thank you and excellent site. PDPMEM Jerk off beach pics

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No guys the water was not cold

no story just my sexy wifey getting naked in the state park

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Some fresh pics of my wifey, hope you love.

Wifey would like to know what you think of her tits?

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Pictures young nudists
tonight I need you to stay

As someone ask me, she's in high-heeled shoes and stockings, I hope you like this.

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Pictures young nudists


    Wrote xoax

    Looks like a fun time with a fun guy.

    Wrote bite91fra

    very nice! Like what I see, more would ALSO be nice, but I like this A LOT as well! Hope to see you again! :-)

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    Wish my hubby would let me do that to him!

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    She does love to pose. Somebody has sure spoiled her ass. Is she a brat ? If she gets out of hand let me know and I'll run up there and play daddy spank for a bit.

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    dude...i'm really not interested in your wife's menstrual cycle. way TMI. talk about a boner killer

    Wrote Gijsisgeil

    I hope this is florida, it's supposed to be 97 here today. that means she'll be out there again!Dude, this time take MORE and tell her to tan her front more today :)

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    Gorgeous. Was anyone else in the pool?

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    ALWAYS a fine pleasure to see you, and fantasize about loving you!

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    Puffies love puffies and yours are so very blowable.

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    I can see why they float -- Fine TITS ! ! ! ! ! !

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    Why not crop the pictures to get rid of all the unnecessary background...

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    Boring plastic tits (and bad surgery)

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    I adore being groped thru spandex!!!

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    Come a little bit closer would be our very first response. Delicious view. Nice opening two pics - maybe a total contri combining balcony and bedroom shots?

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