Its my 2nd post here and still have not found another female who would like to meet me for a picture shoot or something else... My BF could join, observe, hold a camera, or be far away from the activity. I love to read all the replies. Thanks.

Perverted bizarre nudists


... que ricas tetas y culo!

Alejandre is back, fresh pics for the very first time at the sea....

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Hot milfs on beach
Sus propias fotos para mi

Some days ago we spent our winter holiday in Austria.

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Perverted bizarre nudists

Hope you like it and let me know what you think of it, please!

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Perverted bizarre nudists


    Wrote lacelicker

    love to see the front

    Wrote HardSexy_

    Come back with more !: - )

    Wrote maxi62

    Hmmmmm...really nice. You remind me of someone I once knew.

    Wrote squashwit

    Superb What great pettie tits & a sweet ass

    Wrote idamante35

    You're sexy - let's see more contri's from you!

    Wrote harembey

    Fuckin old mutton. Makes me feel ill.

    Wrote junglists

    I wonder what that dude is really looking at in Picture #4??? LOL

    Wrote deballen1

    Learn to use the camera or buy a digital still camera!

    Wrote bilaubilau


    Wrote byron69

    fucking whore

    Wrote nyltv

    Hi Luciana.. Very perfect body.. Wow very beautiful ass.. I am a photographer contact me..

    Wrote siram

    Lovely last pict my guess is the cups are too large for her breasts??sweet ass though

    Wrote beetredas

    I was hoping you would say that!

    Wrote bobmac322

    ok,way too hotshe needs to get naked

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    obesity is uglee as we can see here

    Wrote bonadidew

    her nose and licking the booger.

    Wrote Nortner

    Nice legs but crappy shoes!

    Wrote frecherboy

    Oh what a tender, petite, little, beauty she is. She could be a "Sictoria" Secret model.

    Wrote luv2berim

    ciao e complimenti .stupendo il capezzolo ancora da formare ..parola di fotografo..

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    Wrote bonhomme12

    AWESOME! Karmic a, please let this man fuck your ass... It would be a waste if that perfect ass goes unfucked!

    Wrote Gaz22Gaz

    Lol that's leaves at the bottom of the pool!! Dam pool boy was too busy taking pics!!!

    Wrote coolguy48

    Darienne, you are a very sexy woman! You display all that people of any assets type can be beautiful and sexy , too. Thank you for all you playfully share with us.

    Wrote baroneros

    you are sooo hot!!! email me and tell me how tall you are.

    Wrote jonswft1

    fat chicks with piercings everywhere, awful tattoos, and colored hair. nothing sexier.

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    Do these gorgeous little whores realize that their bottoms are not to be simply threw into the hamper, to have their precious aroma rinsed away? Boys everywhere would pay hundreds for one nuzzle of such a ideal little tushy!

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    absolutely beautiful. Love the nips peeking thru the sundress. Please please do a flashing set....let's see her outdoors in public like a resaurant in a sundress sans brassieres and undies

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    Magnificent!!!!!! Please send much more

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    Superb! It has to be nice haveing a mate that is willing to share his gorgeous wifey.

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    Stop Taunting Me L .. Showcase us the Stuff !Congrats on the Front Page Shot also ! ! !Superb

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    You have piqued my interest indeed. This is a brilliant example of a woman who would not turn many goes if she were clothed, but naked, she offers us so much to look at. Very first of all, her alabaster whiteness is astonishing, however she wears it well with her pendant breasts and large pink areola. Are they about 36C? You can see the marks of her bra-straps in her back. I'm amazed at the rather puny amount of visible cellulite, considering her massive framework. You can see a little on the backs of her hips, but that's it. Very nice. So this is what a large modern woman looks like. Is she American?

    Wrote sambob62

    awesome again...thanks superbabe

    Wrote alexis81

    Albeit I like #6 I`d like to see a standing frontal with a sheer cup brassiere or bylob cup with a patching panty!

    Wrote pijachueca

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    I'll bet you taste as good as you look!

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    Looks like you have beautiful breasts and a hot curvy body! Ia€™d like to see utter frontal displaying your pretty eyes and smile please.

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    I love it when you suggest those gorgeous breasts of yours up to me like this've got to know that I'd be all over them...

    Wrote xplor18

    I wish you had gotten a frontal shot . But I agree , she looks like she could be prime eating material. Thanks for sharing

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    Wrote fins7213

    Super hot. I want to slurp your cootchie and suck on your hard nub then bury my tongue deep in your taut hot bootie. dave_fun

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    Excellent Nips and BODY! You can come back any time! ;-}

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    Thanks Josephine, you have sexy milky titties. Thanks for sharing.

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    A real Natural and True Woman - not a little damsel with no hair on her cunt - I loved all your pictures - keep it that way, please don't ever trim. No Thicket is for losers

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    What supreme tits and nipps. They must be a blast to play with.

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    My explosion next!??

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    VERY NICE!!!!! Particularly for the age!! would love to see more!!

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    very very pretty.. looks like a set of killer breasts please display more

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    your hot as hell..i sure wish i could do you....

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    absolutely hott, does her bfriend know she took pics??? Hottee

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    excellent bod, just wish pics were larger so I could have a finer vier of that nice beaver

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    I like her #3 pix the side shot of her breast, LOVE to see a shot like that with just a BLACK non padded hooter-sling cup exposing her areola n nipple...bra n panty pix might work !

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    Hi Dana,

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    I dont usually like the "fake, "tacky" adult uniforms usually purchused from Anne Summers et al, but your other half wears it well and looks cracking in this sey. by the way, yer right, she is a Godess. Salutations, london, england.

    Wrote Paul_1970

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    Very good,even #6 ,will give the old lady some idea she needs to work on.

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