Fresh pics from Italy for all the people of voyeurweb.......thanks for comments about the very first set of photos.We send thisb/w series and we hope you liketo see them .........and we ask!!!! why who leave bad and negative comments,don't showcase their e-mail......cowardly??? However we are allweys availables to exchange photos. Upskirt beach sunbathing swimsuit

Old lady nudist and young men


Some pics sans undies.

Elle a pique la bouteille au restau regardez ce qu"elle en a fait !

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Cute girl at beach
More pics.Hope you like.

Kinky But Nice Post 28 - becky getting ready fo xmas very early

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Old lady nudist and young men
Various photos taken over the years

Took these yesterday morning. Wish I would have put on a skirt!

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Old lady nudist and young men


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