Hi. Jenna again. I've got some more pics of me in my lil doll micro-skirt. It makes me sense mischievous when I wear this micro-skirt just thinking about how much joy it would have been to have that lovely English teacher back in high school applying some corporal penalty. We all have our fantasies, I guess. Thanks to Mr. Shurtz for mine. Regards, Jenna

Nudist beach men fetish


She's so terrific....

Just out playing on the Four wheeler on a beautiful summer day...

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Beach party
Wifey - Before and After's

Suntanned tits all oiled up with hard puffies and ready to b toyed with.

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Nudist beach men fetish
Here are some pictures in her cut offs.

Just lending her a forearm the other night, and the camera was nearby. Enjoy!

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Nudist beach men fetish


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