Lengthy Time Subscriber Hi please don't post email.We are a lengthy time subscriber very first time post.We are swingers and we love to do many different things. These are just some mixed pix. Model is a 33 yo mom of one. Many Many more if comments are good!!

Nude grandmother beach


Just more of my crimson sundress shots love

for all the supreme e-mails here some more of my woman

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Upskirt beach sunbathing swimsuit
Ann was getting ready to go clubbing.

More of the fabulous Hollie! Hope you guys and gals love.

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Nude grandmother beach
Mi esposa caliente en la campana....

Ladies I Have Known - A number of ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing

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Nude grandmother beach


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    Dulcinea,I always give you a "superb", and it's always a pleasure to see you. So, now let's see some of that "happy ending"!

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    pic quality is awful! invest in a camera instead of a phone! and what happened? looks pretty crooked-- someone bounced down on it and break it?

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