Yes Lusita love all things big and puny in her donk. We did these photos the other day and we could hardly get her to stop. Don't know how many times she came but it was a lot. What a whore. However we did have a lot of joy with her. Look for more of Lusita on our site and see her masturbating flick. See you again shortly. Maria.

Monster butts on the beach

Very first Time

Tell us what you think !

I guess they were tipsy and had to be with each other NOW.

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Beach oiled up
Summer 2002, Elba island.

She lives in Japan, and inbetween visits to NYC, she sends me these!

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Monster butts on the beach
Ziva drove to the forest to get into nature.

Got into a little B&D play before things got started!

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Monster butts on the beach


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