I just got a digital camera...and it is FUN! Here are the very first shots we took last night...what do you think? Comments are welcome and encouraged! We have always loved this site, and to be able to contribute is a real turn-on! If we get some positive reviews, there will be more...PROMISE!

Chicks nude on beach


Patti luvs posing and lovemaking

Here is another set for all my aficionados. Keep watching, more to jism.

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Young nudists pictures
Angel's idea of pin the tata's

We always appreciate your supreme coments. Thank you !!!!!!

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Chicks nude on beach
Just to test the waters

leave winter for warm and sexy mexico,,,happy fresh year to all

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Chicks nude on beach


    Wrote loloneparis

    pussy licking good

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    Wrote fantomacan

    Great video! Don't know how he managed to concentrate on driving whilst filming and getting a BJ?

    Wrote alltoorea

    Thats what its all about trying to get a peek

    Wrote dechlan1

    for ncdave! SAME copy & paste "big fun toy" comment here for the last 3 years. BEWARE!

    Wrote doubleup

    What I can see of her is wayyyyy hot - can we get more of her, and bigger framed pics, so we can really see her entire, naked body. Notice I said clothes! Show us all the good parts next time out, and it w/b super hot to see that dick of yours

    Wrote Love_Bitc

    Great set of pics...I love to see the mature ladies.....Alice, your the best.

    Wrote MzAzzho7e

    Hi girl - you can bounce on me anytime - lovely - made my Saturday morning XX

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    these pics don't belong here

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    Absolutely great - I love them, and I would certainly love to ...... her.

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    eej and tuckerbox are right - fake boobs and a size challenged dick. It is nice to see an Aussie post though and she does look quite good.

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    But is she ready to have sex with a few good men?

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    the first part was much better

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    thighs wrapped around my neck until...

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    Oh my what a gorgeous face! Its no wonder you say she's beautiful.

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    do you know how to tie a condom in a bow?? IF not maybe we can find another use for it.. SUPERB as always.. Thanks for sharing your PHAT assets.

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    there is nothing "hot" about a woman who needs her face blurred out.

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    SUPERB! Beautiful eyes, stunning assets & fabulous breasts - pic 8 is awesome!

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    Looks like that tattoo spells "S-K-A-N-K!"

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    The last pic very adorably displays and introduces your vagina and rectum. Very nice... Blurring isn't so exciting...good very first attempt. I would groom those wild hairs a little more and concentrate of displaying the world your vaginal area more

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    The blurry pictures are the best. What a waste.

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    who is this girl! got any more pics? very good!

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    Reminisce the Little Rascals show? My mom refers to your lone spike of hair as an "Alfalfa Sprig." :-D

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    tres bien! but sans blurring it will be "superbe"

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