Hi, We're from Fresh Zealand - any other Kiwi's out there? We're both 29 and we love to trade, and at times play.... If you're a Kiwi duo and would like trade, leave us a message and we'll get back to you! We haven't done this for a while, but she loves to read everyone's comments.

Beach hunters report


Wifey loves to fuck, suck and loves her vib.

M* Ultimately Had The Nerv - After many Gin and Tonics here I am

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Family nude galleries
Love to please my hubby by sucking his dick

Many dame take the sun on the playa, and i take them with my camera.

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Beach hunters report
So there. I hope that clears all that up.

These are some photos of my hot 19-year-old friend Jessy in the bathroom.

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Beach hunters report


    Wrote dannysal

    you're what it's all about!!

    Wrote alexflaco

    A real woman and just sexy as hell! NICE!!!

    Wrote mildronat


    Wrote BelgradeCD

    Wish that you were peeing in picture eight.

    Wrote oopi1

    WOW eine geile Ladung auf geilen Titten, das gamze jetzt noch mit den geilen Titten hA¤ngend, das wA¤r der Knaller.

    Wrote whteguy

    sexy smile... Really great pics.... i like shaved too..

    Wrote kurtiemon

    I liked the body but where is the pussy?

    Wrote CaptainJa

    You are a tAsty attest

    Wrote kabaman

    spend all day near her?

    Wrote bOObsonth

    Beautiful scenery. Nice looking lake too. I'd love to share a sleeping bag with this lovely lady sometime and explore her natural wonders.

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    Best looking asshole In ages, perfect for my fingers and cock. Love to see more

    Wrote ViolentGe

    i'm not going to comment much on the menstrual products, because i'm one of those horrible' conventional pad users. yes, i know they're bad, but my 2 kids under 5 pretty much use up all my green' energy. i do eventually intend on making cloth pads, when i get a chance.

    Wrote falcoxx38

    fanfuckingtastic ass!!!! lovely ty!!

    Wrote Summoner

    Having been to the Adge, I know just how hard it is to get this type of shot... good work man!

    Wrote mash4asians

    Oh gawd Stephanie, you look so very inviting when you present your gorgeous ass like this...

    Wrote Wawiz

    Get a chain saw after those awful lips

    Wrote JSMoody

    but not enough skin

    Wrote MorePeter

    Karen, you are really sexy!!!!! You have a killer look on your eyes!You deserve more pics, hope to see more of you (and more of your body...)!Thanks gorgeous!

    Wrote Patau

    No juice running out of her. U never ravaged it, just posted her pics because you were pissed she wouldn't haha

    Wrote thecumlover

    get rid of those clippers!,,very nice pics, nice bod!

    Wrote mc71

    Just awesome....such a sweetheart

    Wrote rschneider6

    WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Excellent Footage of This Sexy Honey WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWPlzzzzz Do Some in Public Footage Soon,AnyVideos in the Works ? Thxxxxxxxs

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    Keep im coming dude!

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    Hey I see a cone

    Wrote bigfabian

    her booty packed.

    Wrote naughtyboy9

    She should have kept going

    Wrote vermonen

    Supreme photos.. just wondering if you were able to do this with a timer or some lucky soul was playing photographer

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    Man she has one sexy cootchie mound

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    The nightie is damned sexy. Fine curvy woman!

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    Very Very Nice ... More Pictures please

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    getting a guys name tattooed on your figure is about the dumbest thing a woman can do.

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    Oh man, awesome tits and nips! Sweet tasty slick beaver, would love a taste. Thanks.

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    does she have skype you could observe us cyber play fred.bear72

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    lovely sleek gams with sugary hips in the very first pic, would like to see them standing with no boots

    Wrote jaroslawt

    Piss off!

    Wrote the_unexp

    You look great!! wonderful pics. I'd luv to play

    Wrote dk521

    Those are knee-highs, not stockings, yougoober. Boring.

    Wrote Cameltoem

    Nutting Now

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    fair let the pubic hair grow looks like a 8yr old cunt

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    Good looking Val, can we hope more any time soon?

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    That's all you have to show? You even blurred your face for this? Please.

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    You just look fine. Showcase us some more pics sans the undies.

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    I love her tits, well actually everything. Please post more.

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    but is you SMOKE'N ?

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    excellent !wish I could play with you!

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