Hi everyone! Here is Dolphin again. Very first of all, thank you very much for all the good comments!! A bigg smooch for that.. Smackxxx I'm very glad with the responses. Now I can't wait to post more and more for you and as shortly as i found my photographer I will. Here is part Two of my comeback. I love to be looked at and i'm addicted to lovemaking. How about you?

Beach big butts


My Wifey Pics - My Wifey Susan At Home

Raven went out to a soiree the other night and got back very late.

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All ages

Nudist having sex out door
Love the pics and tell us if you like.

Last time the comments left asked for close-ups. Here they are.

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Beach big butts
laura adora i vostri commenti... espliciti

This is part Three (of 4) of "yeppie & loved one october 2000" yeppie

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Beach big butts


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